Monday, 25 February 2013

Comic Relief 2013 cupcakes with Jackpotjoy

When I got an email to say Jackpotjoy were running a cake competition, obviously I had to enter. They had so many generous prizes on offer a new the chances of winning a prize were pretty high. I didn't have time to make them until the day it closed, so I new I wouldn't be able to put my full efforts in, but with 150 x£50 runners up prizes I knew I was in with a chance. 

So the cupcakes had  to be comic relief themed and fun! Here's what I came up with:

Comic relief 2013 cakes

Although when I submitted the picture I had to miss the bottom 3 cupcakes out :(

BUT... I won £500.

This was an amazing promotion with the overall winner bagging £1000, 5 runners-up with £500 and 150 further runners up winning £50. Jackpotjoy donated £1 for each entry to comic relief and after looking on facebook at the other entries I don't think all prizes were won as there wasn't enough entries. Also a few people are complaining that the winners weren't comic relief themed or they were googled images. The competition was only open for a week and I only got an email about it about 2 days before it ended. I'm sure if they had it open for longer they would have got a lot more entries. Jackpotjoy are doing loads to raise money for comic relief and up to now have raised over £50,000, which is pretty amazing

Thanks Jackpotjoy!


  1. Wow, huge congrats! Those cakes are nommmmy.

    The Style Rawr!

    P.S We're currently running a Next competition you may be interested in!

  2. Wow, good work! I reckon it's a good tctic to enter at the last minute - no-one can nick your ideas! Found you on Mummy's Little Monkey BTW.

  3. These are great! I am a total amateur with cupcakes - taste good, look crap!

    Hopped over from BYOB on Mummy's Little Monkey.