Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Britains Best Blanket fort competition

I'm sure all children love playing 'dens'. It's one of the favourite games in our house. Most of the time the dens are made in the bunk beds in the boys room.

But since we have had the Christmas tree up all games have involved or have been very close to the tree for some reason.

They decided tonight that they *needed* to build a den so they can write their Christmas lists (to accompany the other 100 they have already written) inside it.

So in came the chairs and down came the blankets and we sat back watching them play through different games and adventures. They are really happy whilst playing dens and it rarely leads to an argument like most other games.

I wrote all my Christmas cards whilst they played Mums and Dads, elf making factory and list making and letter posting games. Its a great chance to get some jobs done :)

This is our entry into Britain's Best Fort Competition . You should enter too for a chance to win a £100 love2shop voucher

What are you waiting for? Join in and leave a link to your entry so I can have a nosey at your blanket forts!

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