Wednesday, 18 December 2013

How to get your bloke to look like Becks

I have a David in my life, he's stylish, a hard worker and dotes on his kids. I'm his Victoria and I call him golden balls. Ring any bells?


No really, I am Victoria and he is David but I don't call him golden balls, I just call him Dave. I love David Beckham's style he can pull any style off and always looks super cool.  When I first met my Dave he used to spend a ridiculous amounts of money on clothes, he owned hundreds of pounds worth of shirts, a rail full of designer t-shirts and lots of snazzy jeans. He still does... the same ones from all that time ago.

Then he moved in with me! Since living with me, the love of his life, (his words not mine!) he's not been able to afford such nice clobber. Not because of me but a big fat mortgage we have.

So here's some outfits I picked out for Dave, I couldn't just choose one, I got carried away :) 

This outfit I picked for a date night or day. We rarely go out without the kids but it does happen now and again, so when it does we like to make an effort, we put our best clothes on and go our for drinks or to the cinema. This outfit would be be perfect.

Having 2 boys and a tomboy we spend lots of time outdoors, on the bikes, in the park or just kicking the ball around. This is stylish yet so, so simple and comfy. 

I saved the best for last, because we know, boys *always* need new boxers...

Always need new boxers... drool

He's thinks he's super cool,
and he can't break a fashion rule,
but really my Dave needs help,
you will hear me yelp,
You see he's stuck in the past, 
and he need to fast forward fast,
He really needs some new threads,
and matching super cool treads.

And that's why my Dave should win!

This is my entry into Mainline menswear blogger challenge.

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