Thursday, 12 December 2013

Favourite Christmas App

I have just come across a competition to win some amazing prizes. If you want to enter you will have to be really quick because it finishes tonight. The competition is run by for every family and you will need to email your entry to them.

Most people will think Christmas apps are for children but I quite like them myself in fact probably more than my children :) I knew exactly what my favourite Christmas app was when I saw the competition.

Christmas Piano.

Christmas piano is a free app, on the home page it gives you the option to play along or sing along. I like playing the piano in 'real' life, but we had to get rid of ours a couple of years ago and since then I only play it in the ipad! Of course it not the same as playing it for real. But its still fun. It also has a Christmas countdown on the home screen, I'm not sure if this is a good thing, it shows the kids there is long to go and its shows me how little time I have left!

This app has 5 songs you can play along to and gives you the option to pay for 50 more songs. Also it has 5 songs to sing along to.

It has difficulty levels from easy to hard. It just gets you into the Christmas spirit. Its fun for all the family :)

And its free whats not to love?

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