Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Living like a Downton Resident

Working in a salon you here about everything that goes on locally, on the TV, national and international news, people always have something to talk about. Something that comes up time and time again is Downton Abbey. Everyone seems to watch and love it. In fact the reason I started watching it was because I felt left out when the clients and other staff were talking about it.

With the up and coming episode on Christmas Day that's all people are talking about, forget presents, Christmas dinner and family, all people want to know is 'Will you be watching Downton, it's a Christmas special you know'.

Scandal aside the Downton Residents have quite lavish and beautiful surroundings, swanning around in the early 20th century looks interesting. The building were huge, the ceilings are high and windows were massive. 

Now wouldn't it be nice to do that?

Well guess what you can...

*Post in collaboration with Cumbrian Cottages

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