Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bad Driving Habits

It's not that often I get angry at other people I'm really quite laid back and I let most things other people do go over my head. There is something that makes me really angry though... and thats bad drivers. I mean there are careless drivers and then there are really freakin bad drivers. Its not often I get mad at them and most of time time I do like driving, I love my car so I've got no reason not  to!
My car that could do with a wash!

I can't stand it when people are driving along chatting away on their mobiles and they cut the corner in front you or pull out when its clearly your right of way or they can't signal the direction they are going because they are too busy with their important phone call to take both hands off the steering wheel to push the indicator down.

I often wonder how important that phone call would be if they knock someone over, or clip their car on a curb or they get caught and fined or worse they have to slam their brakes on and their phone goes flying into the windscreen and smashes into a thousand pieces... hmmm maybe thats just wishful thinking.

My other driving pet hate and I hate to say it is... old people. Not all old people just those that can't see, have slow reaction, the ones that can't park and shuffle their hands around the wheel instead of steering it properly and the ones that think its OK to pull out on you.

Like the other day coming home from work I was driving up my street and an old lady pulled out straight in front of me from one of the side streets. I had to put my brakes on because she seemed completely oblivious to what happened and what she was doing!

It seems I'm not the only one who gets mad at 'bad' drivers, this survey from trucklocator.co.uk, shows their latest findings on what makes UK drivers tick. It seems the biggest thing is people who drive whilst on their phones. Also can you believe people judge drivers on the colour of their car, the modifications or by what the bumper sticker says!!

What makes you angry about other drivers and can you relate to the survey?

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  1. Drivers with bad manners are the worst! Statistics show most accidents are caused by overspeeding, texting while driving, and driving while intoxicated. What they don't get is being able to drive faster than others won’t make you a better driver. Driving carefully, for the sake of your car, life, and family, is what makes a great driver. Your car looks lovely, btw. :)

    Sarah Erwin