Monday, 6 January 2014

Weekly weigh in

One of my resolutions this year is to loose weight, in fact I want to be around 10 stone by the end of the year. I plan on doing this with plenty of exercise and good food choices.

I did weekly weigh in last year but gave up at the beginning of December when all the festivities started.

This week I am reviewing the exante diet and have my meals planned out for the next 7 days. I'm hoping its going to give me a real boost that I need to get me on my way.

 This morning I started with a banana shake which was actually delicious. The diet recommends at least 20 mins of exercise each day and to drink 2 litres of water.

If you fancy joining me on the exante diet there's a groupon deal at the moment with a 68% discount. There are only 2 days left to buy. I will be doing a full review when I've finished though.

I weighed myself this morning and I knew it was going to be bad, I ate so much chocolate over the Christmas period and had many meals out. When I stood on the scales I weighed 13st, I'm really disappointed in myself that I put 7lb on over Christmas. 

Is anyone else trying to loose weight, leave your links and I will follow your progress!

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  1. Nice to have you back as my weekly weigh in buddy!