Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My 2014 wishlist

My wish list for 2013 was really ambitious and I didn't really seek out the particular competitions. But I still did pretty well. Here's what I wished for and how I did!
  • DIY or garden vouchers
  • Food shopping vouchers  I won over £150 of Sainsburys and Tesco vouchers combined
  • A weekend break
  • Children's clothes vouchers £25 Tesco clothing vouchers came in handy for PJs
  • A years supply of anything useful  I won a supply of zoflora cleaning items that will last well over a year.
  • A TV
  • A Hamper I won a Easter and and a chocolate hamper.
  • A sofa We bought one with the cash we won.
  • A new laptop
This year I would really like to transform my bedroom. We've not done anything to it since we moved in and it need some love! So my wish list will be based around that as well as other things!

  • A TV
  • Vouchers for B&Q or other DIY stores
  • Vouchers for furniture e.g Laura Ashley, slider robes, 
  • Vouchers for soft furnishings e.g. dunelm mill, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis
  • A new bed
  • A weekend away
  • Children's clothes or vouchers
  • A years supply of anything useful e.g cleaning products, teabags
  • A hamper ( I love hampers!)
  • Something nice for myself... anything :)
I know its another ambitious list of goodies but you've got to aim high. With a holiday already booked for next year and not much spare cash I'm determined to do even better than last year. 

Happy new year everyone and good luck with your comping, leave your wishlists in the comments  for me to have a look at!

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