Sunday, 12 January 2014

What I bought this week

This year I'm going to try and make an effort to make my money go further. I've always been good at buying bargains and waiting for things to go in the sale but 2013 I didn't. I just bought things when I wanted, mainly because I had the money. But I'm on a mission to save lots this year so we can be ready to move house by the end if the year.

I've seen lots of other bloggers put themselves on a spending ban, but this would be impossible for me, I like breaking my own rules and I like buying new things :)

This week Millie started pre-school so she needed some new hair bobbles, we loose them all the time so I do buy them every few months. As I walked past Claires I saw in the window buy one get one free on sale items. So I got these grips and tiny little bobbles just for £1. They had loads of other jewellery,phone cases, earrings and lots more things in the sale. As you can see she has already hidden the orange and yellow grip somewhere :)

 I called into to Tesco last night as I saw on facebook people were saying they are having a mega sale on. I didn't see anything that they were talking about but these boots were only £11. I really like how plain they are but they look so nice on.

I didn't technically buy this jumper. My Mum bought my one for Christmas but it wasn't really my style so I exchanged it for this one. I loved the colour more than the style, its super warm and soft when its on too. I hate washing jumpers though they never feel the same the next time you put them on!

What do you think of my new purchases and are they worthy bargains?

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