Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Do you enjoy driving in the winter?

I've mentioned before I'm a car person, I like cars, I like driving, I like car films and I like looking at fast, expensive cars. 
This is me in a my new Lambo cruising round Paris and having street races! (In my dreams , dreams that I don't share with my children)

I don't like cars in winter, they take forever to warm up, the windows mist and sometimes they can be unreliable. Not to mention when its frosty or snowy it can add a good 20 minutes onto any car journey and that's before you've even set off. These days I'm glad I don't have a hot sports car.

So unless you've got a top of the range 4 wheel Rangey your likely to hit some problems. So for those of us that don't have an awesome winter car we might need a helping hand.

There are loads of different things you can buy to help get through winter easier. I love the sound of a 16v car heater the you can clip to the front of your dash to help warm your car up much quicker.  Even my children start complaining once they have been sat there for a few minutes, wanting to know why we aren't moving, so a heater would definitely help.

Do you mind driving in the winter and what would make your lives easier?
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  1. I understand your frustration with cars during winter, Vicky. They’re really hard to maneuver, especially when they hit some ice or got buried in snow. However, finding the right car specialized for winter would make you love your road trips during wintertime. Dreams do come true. Your Lamborghini might be coming to you as soon as possible. :)

    Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru