Sunday, 12 May 2013


Todays prompt for Blog everyday in May is collecting. At the moment I don't actually collect anything. I have the usual shoes, bags, scarves etc. but don't all girls have them?

When I was younger we used to travel round Europe quite a lot and my Dad suggested that my sister and I should collect something. My sister went for thimbles and I collected spoons. I have never ever heard of anyone else that collects spoons. but surprisingly they were everywhere we went. I have spoons from various different countries and attractions like the leaning tower of Pisa, Disneyland, Gardaland (in Italy), Swiss alps, Saltzberg. Unfortunately I don't really have a place for them at home, its nice to know I have them in the attic if I ever wanted to look at them but they aren't something that I want on display in the house.

I often think about collecting things but I'm quite a hoarder of 'stuff' anyway. We have so many toys around the house as well I'm on a never ending mission to declutter. Tonight I have listed 30 things on ebay because I'm in declutter mode.

Back to collecting... I absolutely love Disney and often think about collecting little figurines, but I think I would get so carried away as I pretty much love every Disney character and film. (Except new wreck-it-ralph I was hugely disappointed!).

After reading so many blogs, it seems loads of people collect teacups. Now I love this, I have a display unit in my kitchen which currently displays the wonderful Lego creations the boys have made, but I think vintage pretty teacups would look so much nicer. Maybe during the summer I could pick a few up at the car boots. I like the look of this:

and this

But the hoarder in me would probably create something like this: 

Do you collect anything?

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  1. hey! i've recently started to collect tea cups, not sets but just a single unit of the cup and plate. that's after years of collecting napkins, buttons and such...i am such a hoarder too.
    i want to create a design of different tea cups and plates for my home, i have about 6 now but my location makes it difficult to find really pretty ones. if you'll ever want to get rid of some, please consider me as their next home :)

    thank you and have a magical day!