Friday, 3 May 2013

Day 3 #BEDM A day in the life

Like most Mum's my days are busy. All my days are different. Today I was looking forward to the afternoon as Leon had an open afternoon at school and I got to go in and view his work. I'm not going to go through all the details but here's the main topic of the day.

Toby was at Pre-school and Millie had gone to my Mum's for the afternoon as siblings were asked not to go if possible. As soon as I entered the classroom I was ushered over to the teacher I knew by the worried look on Leon's face something wasn't right. In fact I guessed along the lines of what had happened.

Since Leon moved into his year 2 class in September he has had a few problems with a boy just being nasty. Today this boy had taken a piece of bark into the classroom and ran over to Leon and 'stabbed' him in the back with it whilst he wasn't looking.His teacher described it as a completely unprovoked attack! He has a small cut on his back but it didn't make a hole in his t-shirt.

I found it really hard to concentrate while I was supposed to be looking around his classroom thinking about all the things this boy had done and said to Leon. He is the boy that told Leon the delightful words of 'old fucking cow', 'shitbaby' (whatever that means) and 'I'm gona batter you' . THEY ARE 6 YEARS OLD!!! I know this because Leon has said this to Toby my 4 year old. luckily Toby has never repeated them and after explaining to Leon these words are not acceptable he has accepted that and not said them again. But he knows them now. At 6 years old.

I dropped Leon off at home with his Dad and went to get Millie after having a chat about it with my Mum I decided to go back into school and speak with the Headteacher about the incident. Today hasn't been my only issue, this boy has kicked, pushed, punched and said some really nasty things to Leon about him and his family. I asked her if she thought Leon was getting bullied by this boy, she said no. I'm not so sure. She told me not to worry. How can I not worry, someone has hurt my child and drew blood. Today was the first time he has ever cried at school he told me. So for the rest of the afternoon and evening I've felt pretty rubbish.

But I'm watching World's craziest fools now and that's pretty funny in fact some of these fools are hilarious.

Sorry I don't have any pictures of today and we did have a fun morning at Mums and tots. But I did find this and I think its the most effective sign I've seen.

I think this is my first miserable blog post. Have you ever been bullied or have children that have? Leon isn't a very confident child do you have any tips to help stop the bullies?

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  1. Hey so sad that your boy is having trouble from another child. Good for you going to the school. I remember a girl in primary giving me a little trouble i really should of said something. Hope it all gets sorted. thanks for the comment, the flowers are from BHS a while back. :) xx