Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lifes Lesson

I suppose I've learnt a lot of lessons in my life. As I've said before I fell pregnant at 17 and moved out into the life of mortgages and bills at 18. I became a Mum at 18 and I guess this is where my life's lessons started for real.

My parents were fantastic help and huge supporters, they gave me the confidence to be a good Mum. The biggest lesson I have learnt since becoming a Mum is patience. Patience can get you so much further, it can get you out of the door quicker and help you to understand things better.

I never considered myself as a patient person before until I started breast feeding my first born, it took about 5 weeks to get him to 'latch' on properly. I realised motherhood was going to be hard and I wouldn't last very long if I didn't have more patience. 7 years later I still often say to myself 'just be patient, just be patient'. For me things don't work out when I don't have patience.

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