Thursday, 16 May 2013


I'm a beautician so my job 3 days a week is to pamper my clients, relax them and make them feel fresh again. I do them indulging facials, make their hands and feel look and feel nice and wax all their hair off leaving them super soft. I like my job and enjoy helping others feel good. I don't go to salons myself very often to get treatments done, but I so have my hair done at least every 6 weeks, sometimes this just feels like part of my job though. I need to have nice hair because I work in a salon.

What do I do for myself? Well I usually have nicely painted fingers for a day until I'm doing 'Mum' things. I always have painted toe nails and I think its a bit gross when i see people with no nail  varnish on their feet! 

Pampering for me is about relaxing. I feel relaxed at night time when I have a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of malibu and maybe a cheeky chunk or chocolate or two!

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