Friday, 17 May 2013

My journey to work #BEDM

I work in quite a pretty part of the town. Its situated half way up a huge hill on the way to Buxton. Its got the canal a minutes walk away and fields with horses and lots of wildlife. So from my room at work I've got quite an amazing view over Macclesfield. However I didn't go to work today so I didn't take a picture from work. We did go to Mums and tots though and thats really close to my work and its the same view but not as far up the hill.

So this is what you could see from the church:

Ok so these pictures aren't that great. You can't see the churches over the town, its a really nice view (please believe me!) . I have just inherited a fancy new Lumix. My dad gave me it to try and incourage me to take more pictures but I only use the camera on auto mode. It's a Lumix FZ45 if anyone has any handy tips on how to use them!

Anyway back to my journey to work. I have to pass the iconic Arighi Bianchi building aswell, have you seen the advert on TV? I'm always amazed at how big the building is, it just seems so old. I took a picture of that aswell while a was stopped at the lights but it was pretty naff.
SO here's someone else's photo:

I really should look into the history of this building, I'm sure it must have been a mill though.

I think these are just about the best things I drive past on my way to work. I suppose you don't really appreciate the things in your town when you past them most days.

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