Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fit and Heathly

I'm not as fit or as healthy as I would like to be or as I used to be. I have fits and starts of being healthy and trying to build up my fitness. At the moment I'm trying to loose weight and get in shape for my sisters wedding in August. I'm also going on holiday in 3 weeks, I'm trying not to think about getting in the swimming pool just yet! I guess healthy goes hand in hand with fitness when your trying to loose weight.

1. I have really tried to eat more fruit. I have had a glass of orange juice in the morning instead of a cuppa.
2. I have made my portion sizes much smaller and balanced.
3. I have been really good in the week and relaxed at bit at the weekend
4. I have cut out alcohol. This really doesn't bother me in the slightest I only used to have maybe 1 glass a week if that! But it makes me feel better.
5. I have stopped snacking, when I've felt like I've wanted to eat I've made a cuppa instead.

1. I have tried to walk more, now the weather is nicer the kids enjoy going about on their scooters
2. I have ran at least 2 times a week -sometimes 3 times. As my time is limited I only run about 2 miles but I'm going to start running further at the weekends when Dave can watch the kids. Sunday morning is my favourite time to run its so quiet.
3. If I haven't ran for whatever reason I have done the wii fit.
4. I weight myself most days. I know this probably is recommended but it just helps me to keep on track on the weight loss. If I've not lost I will be extra good!!

I envy people who are naturally healthy, some people genuinely like eating salads and healthy fish and chicken. My sister is one of those people! I like pizza, chocolate and McDonalds way too much to find it easy to be healthy. I do enjoy running though!

Do you enjoy being healthy? What do you do to keep fit?

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