Saturday, 11 May 2013

My favourite books

Todays promt for #BEDM is about books. This is a super quick post as I'm just about to settle down and watch a film with the husband. Although I don't get much time to read I try and squeeze a few books in a year. My favourite author is Sophie Kinsella. I first discovered her when I won a book of hers a few years ago.

The first book I read of hers was Undomestic Goddess. I liked the title, I read the first few pages and I was hooked.

The story of a girl who needs to slow down. To find herself. To fall in love. And to discover what an iron is for…

After reading this book I knew I had to discover more about Sophie Kinsella books. After talking to a girl at work I discovered the Shopoholic series I got completely addicted and the next book I read of hers was:

She’s a journalist. She spends her working life telling others how to manage their money.
She spends her leisure time … shopping.

Followed by:

Rebecca Bloomwood has the dream job. She’s a personal shopper, so is able to spend other people’s money all day instead of her own. And she gets paid for doing it. The perfect job, the perfect man - gorgeous Luke Brandon – and now … the perfect wedding.


I have yet to read shopoholic and sister, but I will when i get round to it.

Last year on holiday I forgot to organise any books to take. When we stopped off to get petrol I saw Sophie Kinsella Twenties girl and bought it. I wasn't disappointed. I find her books so easy to read. When you have children you really need something you can put down and pick up without forgetting what or where you are in the story. I think her stories are fun and well written yet easy to read.

Lara has always had an overactive imagination. Now she wonders if she is losing her mind. Normal twenty-something girls just don’t get visited by ghosts! But inexplicably, the spirit of Lara’s great aunt Sadie – in the form of a bold, demanding Charleston-dancing girl – has appeared to make one last request: Lara must track down a missing necklace Sadie simply can’t rest without.

I can't wait to read Sophie's new release Wedding night. You can check out all her other books here. Have you read any Sophie Kinsella books?

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