Sunday, 19 May 2013


When I saw the Blog every day in May subject for today was traditions I automatically thought of Christmas. Christmas is definately my favourite tradition of the year, we spend a couple of weeks off with the children, see plenty of family and have numerous get togethers. We eat good food, play good games all with good company. Not to mention the presents we give and receive, what isn't there to love?

I began thinking about other traditions we have, as a family. We have our own little traditions, like the unspoken traditions. Things like when we go on holiday we usually stop at the same services, weather we are in England, France, Germany or Italy. Last night we went to the annual Eurovision party at my aunties house... its tradition to go out for a meal for each member of the families birthday, everyone wants to go, everyone expects to go. 

I'm not saying these traditions can't be broken but we do seem to do them every year! Do you have any family traditions?

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